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for more livable
happy buildings

Our activity in the building sector started with the production of our product consisting of completely local inorganic and ecological raw materials to be used in the construction sector as a result of a 5-year R&D study by detecting serious problems in existing exterior thermal insulation coatings, which is one of the most important issues.

As a result of years of experience, our products are offered to the market in high quality and in accordance with the purpose of use. In addition to our domestic sales, the products are also exported to foreign markets. Our productions are carried out in our facility in Çerkezköy, which operates with a high quality understanding. Our R&D activities continue without interruption. In order to produce innovative products, developments in the building sector in our country and in the world are carefully monitored.

Product Quality; The high quality and continuity of our products are very important to us. Product and raw material quality controls can be carried out in our quality control laboratory in our production facility. Our experienced technical personnel carry out quality control processes. In addition, the supply of the raw materials used in production is provided from reliable supplier companies in accordance with the quality standards.

Mission of Fixper Insulation and Construction Chemicals Industry and Trade Limited Company; To provide quality products to our customers always, to follow innovative insulation techniques developing in the world markets, to follow new technologies with expert technical staff, especially to provide social benefit with continuous R&D studies and social responsibility awareness.




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for more livable
happy buildings

As FIXPER team, we are working for breathable natural and more livable buildings equipped with HEAT, FIRE, and SOUND insulation! FIXPER produces harmless products for people and nature consisting of Perlite and its components for the insulation of your buildings.


for all buıldıngs perfect solutıons from fıxper

FIXPER; It offers effective and perfect solutions for your buildings with its new generation inorganic and ecological insulation products that are produced in the latest technological production course for customer needs and expectations.